Airline Flight City Time Status
Westjet WJA3107 Vancouver 23:10 Arrived
Air Canada AC8238 Vancouver 23:54 On Time
Hawk Air HA102 Vancouver 10:00 On Time
Air Canada AC8240 Vancouver 10:23 On Time
Central Mountain Air CM715 Calgary 10:40 On Time


Airline Flight City Time Status
Westjet WJA3114 Vancouver 05:45 On Time
Air Canada AC8239 Vancouver 06:00 On Time
Hawk Air HA107 Vancouver 10:30 On Time
Air Canada AC8241 Vancouver 10:45 On Time
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Northwest Regional Airport serves the British Columbia communities of Terrace and Kitimat. Several carriers offer daily flights to destinations including Kelowna, Vancouver, Victoria, Prince George and Rupert... read more.